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Need a great website? are the best developers in Nanaimo

As a business owner, having an online presence is not optional. A website is necessary for any business in this technology age in which over four billion people globally have access to the internet. For those living in Nanaimo, BC and its environs, has made setting up your website easy and hustle free.

Why Webgraffiti,ca?

Webgraffiti has an in-house team of professional web developers and graphic designers who are among the best in the business. These developers deliver the most current and leading and quality design websites that are responsive on both computers and mobile devices. They have the most simplified process in line with their tagline, “We take the tech out of the talk,” and this ensures that even without a background in web development, you’ll be able to understand every process.

What is offered?

Unlike other web developers, guides you through every step of the development process. The services offered include:

1.Web development – this is their core business. They design the website and develop it for you according to your needs. They make sure you are as included as possible and explain to you every step of the process.

2.Domain search, registration and renewals – they guide you through domain search and registration in case you are just getting started. For those clients that have already acquired a domain but are yet to renew it, they guide you through that process as well.

3.Hosting and maintenance – not only do they develop your website but also offer hosting services. Having developed your website from scratch, they are able to offer the best hosting services as they have a better understanding of your needs as compared to other hosting services.

4.Email set-up – they set up your email on your new site as well as set up an email marketing platform so that you are able to get back to your customers and inform them of new products or offers.

5.Consultation services – the experts here offer their experience to help you make the most from your website including how to monetize your website to generate revenue from advertisements.

For more information visit our website by clicking this link web design Nanaimo.