Month: November 2017

The Most Popular Reasons Couples Seek Marriage Counseling In Nanaimo

Negative Communication

Negative communication may consist of anything that leaves a partner feeling neglected, depressed, unconfident, or with a desire to remove themselves from the dialogue. This includes the “tenor” of the discussion as well. It’s not so much “what you say,” it’s “how you say it” that counts.

An Affair

Unfortunately, a marriage counselor cannot “cast a magic spell” on the one having an affair to make everything alright. However, if each person is committed to a therapy course of action and are being sincere, perhaps the marriage can be salvaged. At a minimum, it may be decided that it is healthier for the couple to move on.

No End to Conflict

When couples begin to experience conflict and are aware of it, half the battle is won. Many times couples may believe they know what’s wrong, but don’t know how to fix it. This is the perfect time to get a third-party involved. Professional marriage counseling will get the couple “unstuck” so to speak, and hopefully get them moving in the right direction.

When Separation Seems Like the Only Alternative

When a couple argues and disagrees, sometimes taking a break is very helpful. However, when “a break” turns into nights away from home and may ultimately leads to a separation, it’s time for an intervention with a marriage counselor. Time away from the other partner, if it results in days and nights away from home, will not solve the problem in the long run. Instead, it underpins the notion that time away is beneficial, frequently leading to more absences. However, the problems still exist between the couple.

Staying Together Because of the Children

When a couple feels that they should stay together just for the sake of the children, marriage counseling may be able to help. Frequently, couples think that they are doing the right thing when actually staying together is really unfavorable for the children. On the other hand, if a couple can resolve their problems and go forward in a positive manner, culminating in a healthy relationship, this could be the perfect solution for all concerned.

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